Guidy Wolfs

Guidy, a chef like you might expect him to be. From a young age his passion was clear: cooking! At the age of 16 he started as an apprentice at Chateaux Neercanne, and never left the stove ever since.

After a flourishing career – mostly in Belgian Limburg – at the side of renowned chefs like Roger Souvereyns (Scholteshof) and Rik Vandersanden (De Barrier) he decided to embark on an adventure with Yvonne. In 1989, this resulted in the fulfillment of his longtime dream of owning his own restaurant. Nowadays, you can still find him there, behind his stove, cooking with passion in the heart of Maastricht. Inspired by the cooking style of younger chefs.


Florian Wintraecken

Florian, de frisse blik op de klassieke keuken. Voordat Florian ons team heeft verstrekt heeft hij zijn strepen verdiend in verschillende Maastrichtse keukens; zoals Chateau Neercanne en Beaumont.

Florian heeft in de afgelopen jaren de keuken van Guidy helemaal eigen gemaakt en met zijn jonge frisse blik de hun kookstijl hedendaags gehouden. Dit zonder concessies te doen aan de Pakhoes smaak en feeling.


Yvonne Wolfs

Florian, the modern take on classic cooking. Before Florian bolstered our ranks, he earned his stripes at numerous restaurant in Maastricht, such as Chateaux Neercanne and Beaumont. 

Florian has mastered Guidy’s kitchen through the years and adds a modern touch to our dishes – without changing the integrity of the Pakhoes flavours and feeling.


Stefanie Wolfs

Yvonne, hostess in heart and soul. Together with Guidy she had a dream of owning her own restaurant in Maastricht. In the late eighties they started looking for a location in Maastricht; their place of birth. During this search, Yvonne was the face of the front desk at Hotel Maastricht (now Crowne Plaza).

Yvonne has mastered the details of being a hostess through the years and still remains as passionate as ever before when it comes to taking care of her guests.


Yves Wolfs

Yves, the son of the house. After studying gastronomy, he started to work at our restaurant. Temporarily at first, but after a short while he turned out to be an indispensable member of our staff. He is a natural host and oozes quality service. Thanks to his passion for wine and food, you can leave combining these two up to him, without a a shred of doubt whatsoever.


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