Culinary enjoyment along the Meuse

A household name for over 30 years

Dating back all the way to 1989, Restaurant Pakhoes has been a true household name in Maastricht. Chef and owner Guidy Wolfs has a cooking style that’s best defined as French-Belgian. Sauces and perfect cooking times have always been a staple in his kitchen.



Inspired by history

The building is a national monument that was built around the year 1700. It was meant for trading and storing goods in the city. These goods were supplied through a small inland port at the Water Gate.

Around 1719, the building was possessed by a man named Arnoldus Rouffaer, who inherited it through his father in law as part of a gin distillery. He used the building as a grain storage. The gin distillery flourished under his son Johannes and his grandson Arnoldus. They used the “Pakhoes” as their office around 1780.

The Rouffaer family left the building in 1794 and moved to Amsterdam, because of the occupation of Maastricht by the French. The building was still used as storage up to the mid nineteen-hundreds for ships that loaded and unloaded at the Water Gate.

't Pakhoes nowadays

Our restaurant is located in a renovated old warehouse, situated in one of the most picturesque parts of the city district Wyck – near the historical Water Gate. The building was thoroughly rebuilt back in 1989 to a few residential apartments and the current Restaurant Pakhoes. The name and the interior were chosen as a homage to the history of the building.

Nowadays, the interior is still industrial, yet stylish and intimate as well. Every level of the restaurant has its own unique atmosphere. During the summer months our guests can also enjoy our nice terrace with a view over the river Meuse – where food and drinks can be enjoyed in peace.


Larger groups

Our restaurant is perfectly suited for groups that like to enjoy a lunch or dinner. We have room for up to 60 persons, for private as well as business arrangements.

Private dining

Some of our guests like to enjoy a little more privacy; for these occasions, we have a pleasant private dining room downstairs. This room is suited for groups between 6 and 12 persons.

General info

Diner reservations
Tue - Sat: 18:00 – 21.00 (closes at 00.00)

Waterpoort 4-6
6221 GB Maastricht

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We have set menu suggestions for groups starting at 8 persons.

It goes without saying we'll take your preferences into account, however, we cannot guarantee the availability of certain tables. This also applies to our terrace.

Please always contact us when your reservation has to change when it comes to time or the number of guests. You are also able to do this yourself through the confirmation of your reservation.

If you do not notify us of a cancellation, a fee will be payable. You will receive an invoice from us. The amount of this fee is stated in your reservation reminder.

Pets are allowed in the restaurant and on the terrace with prior notice.

The restaurant is completely non-smoking. Smoking is allowed on our terrace, provided other guests do not experience any inconvenience.

- Always inform us in advance if you have any dietary requirements. For example, an intolerance or an allergy.

- Always inform our employees on location of your intolerance or allergy, so that they can offer you alternative dishes.

- Although we make every effort to avoid the risk of cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that all our dishes are free of allergens. We can therefore not accept any liability in that regard.

- The menu information provided by us should not be considered as any form of warranty. You should assess your own risk level based on your personal circumstances before eating our dishes.

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